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My First Project

I’ve been working on the designs for a new collection of letterpressed items called “Dead Things” for my shop, Tweedle Press. The sets will hopefully include gift tags, coasters, stationery, and file folders: I’ll be printing several of the items … Continue reading

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It’s Official…

…My Pilot does print. Not that I doubted it would, but it was awesome to actually do it myself. Just a quick slap of black ink and some old rollers that need replacing. Here is the line of type locked … Continue reading

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Successful Transport Of My C&P 8 x 12 Press!

I suppose you have to be a tad insane to try and move a 1200 pound letterpress, and maybe just a tad more insane to try and do it in a Chicago January. It was in the 20s today! That’s … Continue reading

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Along With The Pilot…

I acquired a whole bunch of nifty items to get me up and printing. I bought a “Letterpress Starter Kit” from Paul Aken at The Platen Press Museum. Paul is a great guy and a collector of all types of … Continue reading

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The Pilot Is Home!

More details and pictures to come, but here’s a shot of the new beauty in it’s spot in my office/studio. I didn’t realize it was going to be and Old Style Pilot, so it’s MUCH prettier than I had hoped … Continue reading

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What To Buy Before Printing With A C&P Pilot

OK, I’ve been doing research into the additional items I’ll need to purchase along with my new presses in order to actually print on them. I’m hoping some of the smaller items will come included, but it’s possible I may … Continue reading

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Pulp & Press is up – WOO!

After reading a few blogs about the troubleshooting of letterpresses and the process of printing, I decided it would be helpful and/or entertaining to chronicle my own process. I first began letterpressing almost 2 years ago, and up until now … Continue reading

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