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Page’s #10 Cards

Note To Self: When you proclaim “I think I’m getting the hang of this,” the letterpress gods shall show you otherwise, and chuckle to themselves.After Friday’s successful prints, I went in to work on the big press on Saturday. I … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Starting To Get The Hang…

…of platen presses. I’m learning the ins and out of jiggering with taping the rails, moving the gauge pins, adjusting the packing, and ink distribution. I’m sure there are still many more tricks to discover, but for now I’m happy … Continue reading

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An Ode To Vegetable Oil

Oil of veggie you kick so much ass, Your yellow demeanor belies your true sass. Letterpress cleanup is always a chore, But you make it so easy to do and what’s more – There are no toxic fumes burning inside … Continue reading

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How To Throw A Rockin’ High Tea Party

Think high tea is reserved for stuffy old ladies and British royalty? Think again. Sure it’s fun to throw in some vintage kitsch, but if you play your cards right a tea party can be a classy yet relaxed event … Continue reading

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Somebody Stop Me!

Another custom job finished tonight – this time some A2 stationery on 100% recycled “Eco White” paper with jet black ink. Since the press was still mostly set up from the previous job on Friday, I barely had to do … Continue reading

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First Custom Job

As I mentioned last post, I’m currently working on several custom jobs. Today I set about printing, and I’m pretty happy with the results of this calling card: It’s referred to as a “calling card” both because of the simple … Continue reading

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