Chicago Green Wedding Alliance Meeting

Ian here with my first Tweedle blog post. Last night I attended my first Chicago Green Wedding Alliance meeting. This is the second networking event I’ve attended with Nina and I really enjoyed how organized and professional everyone was. This Alliance, for those of you not familiar with them, is a group of green minded wedding vendors working together to help each other promote their businesses and maintain high eco-standard business practices.

The meeting was hosted by Lynn from Pollen at her lovely workspace on Ravenswood (her flowers are featured in the pic above).  We had a nice opportunity to check out the space and see some of Lynn’s awesome work.  Plus she has a giant refrigerator for keeping flowers fresh!  Also in attendance besides Nina and myself were Amber from Urban Worm Girl, Amanda and Tony from Spilled Ink Press, and Kristi from Light On Life Images.

Their were two main points covered in the meeting. The first was a discussion about rules and criteria for new members interested in joining the Alliance. The second was a review of the new website being designed and members discussing changes and upgrades. Finally there was some discussion about the Indie Wed event coming up in January.  It was really great to meet with such a hard working and focused group and I look forward to what they can do.

Well, that’s what is going on in Tweedle world for me.  Check back for more exciting posts!

Pulp & Press Soundtrack: “Here Comes The Singularity” (Killing Joke).


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I'm a Brooklyn-bred musician who works in IT, but I also love to be outside and I cook a mean roast chicken dinner.
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