Tweedle Biz-Dev

Biz-Dev? Call me when you're done.

Biz-Dev, or business development, as the picture of Thurston above demonstrates, can be yawn inducing. Just the fact that people abbreviated it to Biz-Dev makes me want to point my finger and label someone a tool. As boring as it can be it is a necessary thing, and can lead to meeting cool people and working with interesting businesses. As I mentioned in my last blog posting I have been attending networking events with Nina to start meeting other small/indie businesses and liked minded people. For most of my working life I have been working for larger businesses, so the world of the independently run business is a new and exciting experience for me. I look forward to when I can spend all my time working on Tweedle as opposed to being a worker drone for a larger company.

I have also begun to contact blog sites that focus on green businesses, green living, being crafty, weddings, bar mitvahs, and anything else that seems likely to take an interest in Tweedle Press and maybe help spread the word. This has also been a great way for me to see what is out there and get more acclimated into the crafty, green, letterpress world. So far I have just been emailing other bloggers inviting them to check us out. So far only one response, but I just started doing this. If you are blogger reading this entry and want to write a review or post about Tweedle Press please feel free to contact us.  I will happily return the favor and write something up about your blog/site/business/etc.

That’s it for this post. I’m off to tool away at the Biz-Dev some more!

Pulp & Press Soundtrack: “Bricks And Mortar” (Editors).


About Ian

I'm a Brooklyn-bred musician who works in IT, but I also love to be outside and I cook a mean roast chicken dinner.
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