Dangling Donuts

Today I learned some interesting things about recycled paper vs. virgin paper, FSC certification and energy use. It quite literally blew my mind apart, challenging everything I thought I knew about what the most eco-friendly papers are. As soon as I’ve researched, verified, backup up, and generally made sure I know what I’m talking about, you can bet I’ll be sharing the info with you. Also, at the risk of jinxing it all, I may have some very exciting business development news soon too! Wow, I’m just full of dangling donuts today huh? Here’s a donut you can sink your teeth into instead:

You may have seen this lovely photo in our post about Light On Life Images, but I thought this project deserved its own post. I have oft complained about my lack of friends and family that have gotten married since I began letterpress printing 4 years ago. And actually, my husband and I have only been to 1 family wedding and 2 friend weddings in the entire time we’ve been together (11 years!). Most printers I know cut their teeth making invitations for friends and family before they actually went into business and charging money for it, but I haven’t had the luxury of such practice. For the most part I’ve just had to make things up as I’ve gone along, which is pretty common for most small business owners. It’s just now that I feel like I’m really starting to advance my printing skills by leaps and bounds , and it’s just now that I’ve finally had my first family member (my cousin Kate) to print invitations for!

Kate and her fiancee, Jay, live in New York, which is where my husband grew up and where I lived for 7 years before we moved to the Windy City. She works in fashion and is always so completely, effortlessly put together looking I want to stab her. When she and her mom came to talk to me last year about invitations, it sounded like that was exactly the vibe they are going for with their wedding too. Modern, chic, fairly formal, but also relaxed and simple. Kate really likes dove grey, sage green, and off white. I designed a monogram of the first initials of their names to be used throughout the wedding print materials:

I printed these Save The Date postcards on 100% post-consumer recycled cotton paper using hand mixed, 100% vegetable based dove grey and sage green inks. On the backs (not pictured) I printed their return address information, and they were trimmed and ready to go!

I’ll be using the same monogram, font, and print colors as part of their actual invitation. The design for that is almost done and I can’t wait to post pictures when it’s printed!


About Nina

I am a design consultant, writer, letterpress printer, nature enthusiast, and lover of local/organic food...with a dash of rock and roll. Also, I want to be a cowboy.
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