Ahh…The Smell Of Remodeling

It’s been frustrating to wait so long to get the new equipment into the shop, but it has provided some extra time to get everything up to snuff first. There was a ceiling leak the other day, so the paint work was put off until a plumber could come by and basically tell me that there was nothing he could do unless it was actively leaking. Hopefully it won’t happen again after Frank‘s lovely paint job, which he was finally able to start work on today!

First things first: patch general wall holes and ugliness leftover by the removal of the wall partitions. Frank doesn’t mess around:

That’s a lot of chips! As for the new paint, I decided to say “screw it” to the idea of light, unobtrusive colors. Everything will be Benjamin Moore’s low VOC paint Aura. I’ve been really into deep rust/ochre colors for the last few years, so that’s what the main walls will be (Copper Day). Keeping the trim and fixtures a bright white for a nice contrast, and the ceiling and bathroom will be a super light tan (Sand Dunes). The doors will then all be a deep chocolate brown (Bittersweet Chocolate). Yep, it’s the Tweedle Press color trio.

It took a couple of tries, but I really like the colors. Hopefully they’ll look as good when everything is painted in them! A view of the wall above the sink and bathroom door, and Ian strikes a pose in front of the back window and door:

Also planning to stain and varnish the sink cabinets (which you can see in the first photo) – that sounds like a good weekend Dad project, right? I love putting the Dad to work when he’s in town. More updates soon!


About Nina

I am a design consultant, writer, letterpress printer, nature enthusiast, and lover of local/organic food...with a dash of rock and roll. Also, I want to be a cowboy.
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